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$70.00 USD

The Hybrid Classic Nylon Halter is a direct combination of a nylon halter and a rope halter, with a sliding ring for lungeing and noseband knots for control. Besides giving you a better response than any other halter, it also eliminates head twisting, knot tying hassles and stripped buckle holes while being safe for trailering, crosstying and even riding. Not just a training halter, the Hybrid replaces any day-to-day halter you are currently using.


This particular style features:

  • Solid brass hardware - never-rust guarantee

  • Premium rope under carriage for enhanced strength, control and durability

  • Premium nylon that won’t stiffen with exposure to the elements

We move as One uses this Classic Hybrid Halter in certain situations, but it is particularly useful for those who keep their horses in boarding barns and as well as those who need to put their horses on cross-ties. Riding using this halter offers more dine tined communication with your horse than a regular rope halter as well (ride in the halter ONLY if you and your horse are trained in communicating without a bit!).

Also,We move as One recommends purchasing the "Breakaway kit" OPTION for an additional $10 if you plan to leave your horse tied for any length of time when you're not there ...or if for whatever reason you plan to turn your horse out with the halter on.

There are numerous color options offered for the Hybrid Halter as well as for the 14' Working Rop(BELOW):


$54.99 USD

The 14' Working Rope made of yachting braid carries your training cue and energy better than cotton or other rope materials which carry no energy back to the horse.

  • UV protection helps keep color vibrant

  • 1/2" round

  • Finished with a bleeding heart popper

  • Easy, one-hand opening brass plated snap, pull tested to 2,100 pounds

We move as One's trainer, Kyle has been using yachting braid ropes for many years. Using this type of rope in your training allows you to teach your horse to respond with the lightest of aids. This enhances the communication to help create a better equine/human partnership

GiGi jumping barrel at Donna's.jpg

Well balanced for direction/communication ❤️ 


And light...

which is also great for when you want to help your horse with flies❤️

$43.99 USD

The SlimStick & Pocket String are superior training tools:

The SlimStick:

  • is dramatically lighter than a “normal” horsemanship stick & the same length

  • Easier on your wrist, better for precise control & less fatiguing

  • Thanks to tapered design, the stick’s fulcrum is closer to the handle - you have better control

  • Kids can stay farther away from horse than with a “normal” kids stick; they stay SAFER

The Pocket String:

  • Pocket String weighs less than half of what a “normal” string does & takes up half the room

  • Weight difference results in a faster, more responsive tool


We move as One has been using The Horse Education Company's SlimStick & String for a few years now and Kyle can't say enough about how much easier it is to use than the other more well known sticks on the market. It is so much lighter and effective for every aspect of horse training.


* if you are taking lessons with We move as One, it is not necessary to purchase the extra pocket string for an additional $10.

2 "stick" & 3 "string" color choices 😊

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 7.18_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 7.21.20 AM.png

$24.99 USD

The Retractable Pocket Horsemanship Flag is a 4' fiberglass telescoping stick which collapses down to just 9 inches long and is just over three-quarters of an inch in diameter. It weighs mere ounces, so you can easily stick it in a back pocket! It comes complete with a white flag with button hole eyelet.

We move as One uses the Retractable Pocket flag in certain situations. It is particularly useful to help horses learn to find focus with their human. What's wonderful about it is that you can keep it in your back pocket and only pull it out when you need to use it. 

$39.99 USD


The 22' lariat is a lighter alternative to the yachting braid or other long range ropes (lunge lines).

  • Won't get soggy; it won't pick up weeds, grass burrs or thistles in the pasture; and it won't get snagged in rocky terrain.

  • Rope with less coil tension than traditional lariats, so easier to handle for doing groundwork

  • Still has enough weight to be used for practicing your rope handling skills

  • Soft malleable feel so that energy travels down it in a manner similar to yachting braid

  • Traditional natural and attractive color fleck options to accent the rest of your equipment

We move as One has been doing ground work with this rope for a long time. Kyle loves how lightweight it is, that it doesn't pick up moisture (which would cause it to get heavy), and that it's more coil resistant than other lariats. It's unusual to find a lariat in a shorter length; most are much longer and can be unwieldy for novices. Since it's 22 feet long, it can be used instead of traditional yachting braid ropes as it carries your communication down the rope equally as well.*

* Be cautious if you have never used a lariat before! Should your horse bolt, you will get quite a severe rope burn on your hand(s). Wear gloves for protection and if you're not experienced with this type of rope, please make sure to work on your handling skills with a quiet reliable horse!

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 1.07.44 PM.png

$50.99 USD

These rope reins are soft in your hands and quickly attaches to any halter or bridle.

  • Handmade from UV coated yachting braid rope.....keeps color(s) vibrant

  • Finished with scissor snaps that quickly attach to to any Hybrid Halter or bit.

  • 10’ long x 1/2" round

  • Brass hardware for tan and other colors, powder coated black hardware for black reins.