Clinics & Demos 

Photo by Luki O’Connor of Fern Hill Studio

Clinics are a fun way to gain a whole new mindset and skill set

with your horsemanship.

Also clinics are a great way meet

like-minded individuals in your area!

Photo by Luki O’Connor of Fern Hill Studio

We move as One HORSEMANSHIP currently offers 2 clinic horsemanship topics (more are on their way)

2-Day: “Lead, Lunge LIBERTY” (3L’s) Clinic *

Download the Clinic Overview here

*some of the methodology (including certain human body language, vocal cues, and descriptions of the “why’s”) adapted from learning via one of Kyle’s mentors, Sylvia Zerbini with whom Kyle Van Splinter takes lessons regularly to improve her skills with the horses and humans that she trains.


1/2 Day: "Improve Your Horse's Ground Behavior”

(This clinic is a prerequisite for the “Lead, LIBERTY” Clinic....

if you don’t already have the skills & understanding learned from some other source)

Download the Clinic Overview here

Photo by Susan Fino

For those interested in hosting, in addition to the Clinics listed above, Kyle also performs "Liberty" and "Groundwork" Demonstrations including a Discussion with Q&A

Please contact Kyle for more information

2015 Natural Horsemanship Demo

2017 Natural Horsemanship Discussion with "Reason's Why"

(A liberty session was demonstrated in-between this discussion)

Other custom topic formats: If you have a special topic you would like covered that is not on the list, please CONTACT me

Natural Horsemanship Trainer

Contact We move as One.



call or text  (845) 598-0069

We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP lessons available WORLDWIDE via the Virtual Online Private Lesson program.

We move as One. IN-PERSON lessons available in:

  • New York: Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess Counties, plus certain towns in Orange & Rockland Counties

  • Connecticut: Fairfield, Litchfield, plus certain towns in Hartford & New Haven Counties

  • Florida: Alachua County, Marion, Levy, Gilchrist, Suwannee, Lafayette, Columbia, Bradford, Union, Clay, & Putnam Counties