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 Virtual Online Lessons 

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We move as One.


Get horsemanship help no matter where you live

*as long as you're comfortable speaking aside from horse language, Kyle only has a decent grasp of English 😊


You can have private lessons even if you're nowhere near the vicinity of

We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP

Your virtual online lessons will be tailored specifically to your needs and situation.
All you need is a phone, computer, or tablet and...
Kyle can help you find answers to issues you may be having and
improve the relationship you have with your horse overall.


I am currently enrolled in the (We move as One.) Virtual Online lesson program and it is absolutely fantastic!! I wasn't sure what to think going into it but I'm so glad that I signed up!! During my first Skype session with Kyle my mind was blown by the amount of horse knowledge that she has!! I saw an immediate change in my horse's behavior and in our relationship after just one conversation with her!!


The way it's structured is actually more beneficial, in my opinion, than in-person lessons. Kyle sends a video teaching the exercise you want to learn and then you practice with your horse and once you have it down you send a video back to her of you doing the exercise so she can review it and then she gives you written and time stamped notes as well as another skype call to discuss what you can do better!! With the notes I can go back and rewatch my own video to really understand what I did wrong and improve!!


I highly highly recommend her if you want to learn natural horsemanship!! She's worth every penny!! I promise you wont be disappointed!!

Rachel Rosenfeld (8/17/20)

Initially, a FREE phone conference will be arranged at a mutually agreeable order for Kyle to: learn about your needs, technological capabilities, prior horsemanship experience and knowledge, as well as to determine how We move as One might be able to best help you and your horse.

The lesson make-up will then be adapted to help you receive the most learning possible. Lessons are tailored to your individual horsemanship needs and problems. After the FREE phone consult, you will create a video of you and your horse exhibiting the potential issues/movement/situation that you feel can be improved with instruction. 

Details about the Virtual Online Lesson Program:

1.  First you have a discussion with Kyle in your initial FREE phone consult.

2.  You will videotape yourself and your horse giving Kyle a sense of what you would like to work on.

3.  You and Kyle will review and discuss the video together on your conference call.

4.  You and she will discuss potential strategies that will help you improve your horsemanship by improving your communication and learning to better read your horse so as to develop trust with your horse .... to thereby better your horsemanship. 

  • OR if you don't have the ability to videotape yourself, you can discuss your issues/challenges/problems in your relationship with your horse over the phone.

5. Kyle may then send you your own personalized video and/or other resources showing specific techniques and mindsets that you and she discussed in the video conference call. Potentially you and she may go over the videos and or other resources while on the conference call. Your conference call is recorded and it will be available to you forever.

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"Kyle’s (We move as One.) Virtual/Online Lesson Program has been invaluable to me in helping me help my horse come down from an anxious state. She has taught me to be more aware of my own energy than I thought possible and how much of an impact that has on my horse’s behavior and well-being. She has also been a HUGE help in refining my groundwork and the impact that has had on the relationship between me and my horse has been critical to moving forward and addressing other goals in his training."

-Mariah Curran (5/16/20)

With We move as One's Online Lesson Program, you're in complete control of your own horsemanship learning.You don't have to

go through hours and hours of DVDs or search through books trying

to find the answers to your particular challenges.

Which We move as One. Private Lesson Program is right for you?

Virtual Online Private Lessons

  • Can be arranged no matter where you live

  • You can see yourself in your video and will keep a recording of the conference call whereby we've watched and discussed improvements, approaches, and thoughts to help you with your horse. You will have the recording to refer to at your disposal.

  • You may receive personalized videos and/or other resources that address your particular situation, need, or issue. We will view and discuss on the conference call

  • You can review the video and/or other resources Kyle sends over and over again whenever you like

  • If there are any questions, we can video conference again or if it’s a simple question, we can text.

  • Must live within a 60-minute range of one of Kyle's farms in either New York (summer months) or Florida (winter months).

  • Kyle watches you in-person and teaches you….. in real time

  • You can’t see yourself*, but we can have ongoing dialogue to be sure our communications are clear to each other

  • Kyle can personally show you strategies and optimal communication with your horse

  • No video*

  • If there are any questions or concerns after the lesson, Kyle is very enthusiastic to speak on the phone, video conference, or text.

*For In-Person Lessons, the ability to videotape your lessons with Kyle's equipment is available for an additional charge

  • Send Kyle a video of you and your horse showing your concerns/issues or where you feel you need improvement. 

Please call/text/email to schedule your FREE initial phone conference TODAY by clicking on the contact info below or ... by reaching out to We move as One/Kyle here.

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