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There's horsemanship learning available for everyone.....

no matter where you live.

Anywhere in the world, you can benefit

from We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP via the Virtual Online Private Lessons program.

To learn more about this unique program, please click HERE.

In-Person Lessons

We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP

Travels to YOUR FARM

To give lessons within an hour's* drive of:

Coverage area FLORIDA.png

Gainesville/Alachua, FL

Now in Florida YEAR-ROUND

Coverage Area NY & CT.png

* sometimes further depending on the situation

Photo by Luki O’Connor of Fern Hill Studio

  • Build YOUR confidence on-the-ground and while riding

  • Solve issues you're having with your horse with communication clarity and with developing trust whether they be issues with:

    • leading​

    • pushy-ness

    • reactiveness while riding (i.e. "spooky" "bracey", etc)

    • trailer loading

    • aggressiveness at feeding time

    • mouthy-ness (i.e. biting)

  • Learn what's important to horses and what motivates them

  • Understand the "why's" of your horse's behavior

  • Understand herd dynamics to help your horse understand that you "get" their language which will contribute toward your mutual communication and trust


Photo by Luki O’Connor of Fern Hill Studio

Why get horse training help with Kyle?

  • Learn the concepts, attitude and mindset of Natural Horsemanship & beyond (Relationship-Based Horsemanship)

  • Learn to recognize when your horse is offering you the smallest "try" and also to recognize when your horse doesn't understand your request.

  • Improve your connection with your horse when riding & with groundwork.

  • Improve your position, energy, and imagery in-the-saddle

  • Practice liberty (play with your horse without any strings attached) and other groundwork for a playful warmup or for a new activity for you and your horse

No bridle, No bit - Horseback riding
Horse Trust & Communication

Guiding you to develop your own personal vision of a magical horse/human connection
on-the-ground and while riding ..... 
so you and your horse will be the best you can be together in whatever you do!

Location of Lessons:

  • Worldwide via the Virtual Online Private Lesson Program. For more info, click HERE or contact us.

  • And/or for in-person lessons, Kyle travels to teach at clients' farms or boarding facilities in areas of Florida, New York, and Connecticut.  Arrangements can be made for her to travel to other states with the client responsible for Kyle's travel expenses.

    • Kyle drives from her farm in North Salem, NY or Alachua, FL (Gainesville area). Travel time charges may apply if your farm is more than 1/2 hour away from either of these locations*.

  • For those that aren't with a horse at present, Kyle occasionally offers the opportunity to learn with her horses: Firenzé & GiGi.

*Travel time charges may be waived if the client gathers at least 3 people in their vicinity​ to gang up their lessons at around the same time.

  • If you're interested in hosting a We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP clinic or arranging for a demonstration with Kyle Van Splinter, please go to the Clinics & Demos Page

Private Lessons:

  • Individual lessons

  • packages of 10 lessons or 5 lessons are available.

  • semi-private lessons are also available if the participants are of similar levels in their abilities.

  • For details and pricing, please contact Kyle

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