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North Salem, NY Horsemanship

New York & Connecticut

We move as One Horsemanship
will periodically be flying up

to the New York/Connecticut area
(for pre-scheduled lessons)
late spring 2024 - fall 2024  😀
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Coming back to the New York/Connecticut area soon 😀

Available for Lessons May 23, 2023

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When in the New York / Connecticut area,
Kyle Van Splinter, (
owner/trainer of
We move as One Horse
manship) teaches "Natural Horsemanship & Beyond" or essentially relationship-based horsemanship in the North Salem, NY area which also includes Brewster, NY. Additionally, Kyle travels up to an hour in every direction to teach horses and their human moms & dads at their own farms. This is so that both the horse and human is in their most comfortable environment 
for the best learning.

Horemanship - North Salem, NY

Although North Salem, NY boasts horses in every direction and is the home of numerous well known farms, We move as One also services other "horsey" towns. Some of which are neighboring Connecticut towns like:  Ridgefield, CT; Wilton, CT; Redding, CT. Students in these areas are learning mindsets beyond Natural Horsemanship whereby the relationship they build with their horse comes first when solving issues and building skills.

Dream Rider Farm, Ridgfield, CT
We move as One student Easton, CT
Horsemanship Clinic - Oxford, CT

In other areas of Connecticut,

We move as One has also taught and helped clients and their horses in Newtown, CT as well as  further east in Oxford, CT.  Heading south towards the Long Island Sound, We move as One has  had the pleasure of teaching horsemanship to students in Easton, CT and Stamford, CT.

Horsemanship - Putnam Valley, NY

Just like in Connecticut,  New York is full of towns with lots of horse lovers. To the north of We move as One's home are villages/towns like Pawling, NY; Patterson, NY; Pleasant Valley, NY; and LaGrangeville, NY ... all of which are serviced by

We move as One Horsemanship. To the west Kyle

(We move as One's trainer) has traveled to teach humans better understanding and how to have two-way communication with their horses. Some of these towns include: Mahopac, NY; Cortlandt Manor, NY; and  Putnam Valley, NY.

Horsemanship Cortlandt Manor, NY

South of North Salem (still within Westchester County,NY) includes some well known horsemanship areas like Bedford, NY and Katonah, NY. This area is well within We move as One's traveling radius and Kyle has worked with some wonderful horses and humans in these New York towns.

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