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We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP 


Dr. Hannah Carter - Dean of Cooperative Extension, University of Maine ● Former Interim Director UF/IFAS Center for Leadership, University of Florida

"I've had horses all my life. I thought I knew how to best handle them and haven't had any issues over the years...until it came to having to ship my two horses from Florida to Maine. 


I have a saddlebred gelding, who is lovely, but who clearly had some issues when it came to trailering. The first (and only) time I had to move him was to get him to my house—it took intravenous drugs and literally a group of men to lift him onto the truck. Fast forward to this spring, he hadn't been off my property for 13 years, and now I’ve got to move him to Maine (1400 miles away). I thought to myself that we had a bond now, he trusted me and he couldn’t be as bad as he was when 13 years ago. Ha! You know how the story unfolds.  Friends came over with their trailer and we fought with him for 3.5 hours---every trick in the book, grain, ropes behind his rear end, pushing, pulling, fighting and nothing. We all left that session dejected and I knew I had a serious issue. So I did what everyone does and googled "horse won't load onto a trailer" and added my hometown. I am profoundly thankful that Kyle's name came up in the search.  I reached out to her that night and we had our first session scheduled two days later. It changed my philosophy on working with horses and my relationships with my horses.  

Kyle taught both my horse and myself so much in her sessions with us. After the second session, I realized that I had been discounting my horse's behavior for years--in actuality, he was extremely smart, eager to please and enjoyed being taught new things. After the 6th session, he walked onto the trailer himself, he wasn't led, pulled, pushed, bribed--he was sent into it and he willing went. The day that the horse trailer pulled into the yard to take them to Maine, he walked right onto it like he had been doing it all his life. And it would not have happened without Kyle.

I cannot recommend Kyle highly enough! I wish I hadn't moved away so I could continue working with her as I feel like I still have so much to learn! She's a wonderful teacher, horse woman and person!" May 13, 2019


Courtney Kane - TV News Anchor

"I have recently purchased my first horse after nearly 20 years "out of the saddle". Due in large part to my current level of inexperience, after a just few short weeks, my new mare began to "test me" and I knew I had to do something before the behavior further escalated. Kyle worked with us on several occasions and I saw near immediate improvement. Kyle has taught me a great deal about horse behavior and I now have a better understanding as to why they do what they do and how I should respond; working to show my horse that we must respect one another both on the ground and in the saddle. Our relationship has changed dramatically since our lessons. Kyle goes beyond traditional "riding lessons" and gives her time and care to her human and equine clients. She loves what she does and it shows! I recommend her highly!" December 7, 2017


Kelly Sigler Patterson - Former 3* Licensed Parelli Professional ♞ Currently an Instructor/Mentor in Linda Parelli’s new program: Happy Horse Happy Life

"Kyle has a passion for horsemanship and never ending self-improvement. I would highly recommend her as an instructor!" December 21, 2017


Becca Bernal - High School Student (University of Florida incoming Freshman)

"We Move as One is one of the best experiences of my life because of working with Kyle! She explains natural horsemanship in a way that I can understand and utilize to ensure that she is teaching me to my strengths. Learning to engage with the horses and create that mutual respect and trust not only establishes a bond between you and the horse, but also with your own inner energy and control. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to bond with and train their horse while also making them feel safe! I have such deep appreciation for what she does and have loved learning from her." January 18, 2019


Micah Gallagher - University of Florida student

"Kyle is an amazing teacher, she has so much patience! She also uses different real world examples to help you further understand how to work with the horses and demonstrates how you as a person would respond to certain movement, energy, and pressure. Thoroughly enjoy my time with her! Would recommend to anyone who wants to further their relationship with their horses." February 12, 2018

Erin Smith Chiappetta - Former volunteer, Our Farm Equine Rescue, North Salem, NY

"Kyle is a very compassionate and talented Natural Horsemanship instructor. Her work is so inspirational to watch, especially when working with rescued horses. I love watching Kyle connect to these amazing animals! The trust and understanding she exudes while working with these once abused horses is magical! Kyle is very passionate and motivated to assist rider and horse so their relationship evolves to a place of boundedness." December 26, 2017


Sally Feuerberg

"I've attended two of Kyle's clinics and have found her be informative, engaging, and enlightening. Her perspective, as well as her methods and guidance, have given me fresh insight into all three of my horses" behaviors and personalities. With each one, I have strengthened our partnership, our relationship, and most of all enriched our time together." August 6, 2017

Janis Voltmer - Former Assistant to the psychologist as an Assisted Therapist, Green Chimneys (at The Farm), Brewster, NY

"Kyle's respect for the true essence of the horse is evident in the love and gentle attention she gives to an innate vulnerability, after centuries of inbred submission to man. Natural horsemanship flies in the face of equestrian pseudo-science which limits the horse' intelligence and shackles the animal to lifetimes of forced labor for human consumption, both figuratively and literally. The natural approach assumes capacity, willingness, observation, trust and cooperation. Finally the tragic history of man's relationship with the creature is challenged, and the efficacy to bury it for good can be forged." .- September 10, 2017