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Read what FL, NY, & CT horse people are saying about
We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP 
in these   reviews   & testimonials 


Citra Zaldivar - LaCrosse, Florida

I would highly recommend Kyle and We move as One Horsemanship to learn to read and better communicate with your horse. Watching Kyle with her own horses, I notice the total connection that happens. Since I have been Kyle’s horses’ baefoot trimmer for four years now, I have seen her work not only with her own horses, but also with a BLM Mustang who was learning to accept being trimmed. Kyle employs numerous methodologies depending on what the horse needs at any given time. I see her totally honor the horse and she has tremendous patience taking care to view each situation from the horse’s perspective. When I come to Kyle’s farm in Alachua, FL, I watch her bring both her horses in from a large field at liberty (no lead line nor halter) to the spot where I trim. Her horses seem to be very connected to her and are wonderful about being trimmed and we are doing so AT LIBERTY. I have experienced times while trimming where Kyle employs a more subtle language like an energy or a thought. She tells me when she does this because of course I can’t feel the energy nor read the thought. I can see her horses clearly understand the message that’s she’s communicating because they respond accordingly. I would imagine that taking lessons with Kyle would bring a student to a higher level of natural horsemanship. March 2024


Nicole Andrade & Rob Denkin - Redding, CT

Exceptional Horse Trainer: A True Horse Whisperer

We have had the privilege of working with an extraordinary horse trainer, Kyle, who specializes in natural horsemanship. Kyle possesses the rare ability to establish next-level communication between humans and horses while creating a deep sense of self-awareness. She is a true horse whisperer, with an exceptional gift for training and understanding these magnificent creatures.

What sets Kyle apart is her emphasis on building a partnership based on trust and respect. She goes beyond traditional techniques, teaching us to communicate with horses on a profound level. Her remarkable understanding of equine body language allows her to decode and teach us the horse’s subtle cues, fostering a bond of trust that results in remarkable progress. Her patient, gentle approach ensures the well-being of the horses, resulting in transformational growth for both rider and horse.

In conclusion, if you are seeking an exceptional horse trainer who specializes in natural horsemanship, look no further. Under Kyle's guidance, you will witness incredible transformations and forge an unbreakable bond with your equine partner. We highly recommend her without reservation. July 2023

Screen Shot 2023-01-01 at 7.29.06 AM.png

Kathleen Malone - Stamford, CT

Kyle has a wealth of knowledge and tremendous patience. She has been helping us train a rescue we adopted for almost a year. She provides alternate approaches when a particular approach isn’t working for my daughter or her horse and always explains the “why” behind the training. This has been our first experience with relationship based training and it’s been so enlightening. December 2022


Sierra Struzzi - Cortlandt Manor, NY/ Wellington, FL

In a short amount of time Kyle has had such a profound impact on, not only my horses behavior but also our relationship, my approach on training animals and myself as an individual.  August 6, 2022

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Sandy Winter -  Gainesville, FL

My mustang came to me from TIP training with gentling but we were loosing ground and both the horse and I were frustrated. I knew we needed help and working with Kyle has been great. We are now moving forward in a positive direction and Holly is starting to trust and come out of her shell. I’m learning to give clear signals and Holly enjoys our time together. Highly recommend Kyle.  November 27, 2021


Leslie Mand -  Bedford Corners, NY

My new horse Wisdom came into my life exactly one year ago. He was only 7 and a big beautiful Czech WB with blue eyes. I was in love! But then he started to become spooky and a little more spirited than I expected. It was more on the ground than in the saddle. One day as I was leading him to the ring he spooked and ran right into me knocking me down leaving me with a bruised hip and a little scared. I knew I needed help and then found Kyle from a Google search. She was in Florida at the time so we just started with some phone time and videos but when she came back in the spring we started with weekly sessions. It was the best decision I made. It took a little time and it didn’t always go well until one day there was a turning point when Wisdom just relaxed and started to really trust me and think of me as his leader (or Mom). It was incredible. After that things changed and are still improving all time. I never had horsemanship training and I’ve been riding since I was 8 but Kyle taught me things and gave me a different perspective about my horse and how he thinks, or sees things. I can’t speak more highly and the way she guided me through the process. My next goal is to continue working on Liberty training when Kyle returns to NY in the spring and see where that takes us. All I can say is that although Wisdom still will give me a spook now and then, it is so much better and I now understand it and know how to deal with it. He has also become the biggest mush ball and loves to nuzzle !!! December 1, 2021


Courtney Kane -  North Salem, NY

At the age of 40 I decided to get back into riding after being “out of the saddle” for over 22 years; this was easier said than done. After bad falls and sour experiences with two fairly green horses I finally found myself a quiet and more seasoned gelding and was determined to do things right this time. I enlisted the help of Kyle Van Splinter. I didn’t know what “right” was but what I did know was that Kyle’s approach is unique from the traditional horsemanship methods I’d always been exposed to. I’m a strong believer that if things aren’t working, it’s time to try something different. Kyle immediately focused not only on the horse, but also my energy and communication with my new guy. We started with some solid foundation on the ground that increased our bond and trust and it easily translated to work in the saddle. Plus, Kyle taught me a more strong, yet flexible and balanced riding position to help me become feel “solid” in the saddle which not only helped my horse, but ultimately brought me to feeling more confident riding my horse. Additionally, she taught me to pay attention to the “feel” of the moving horse. Once we put the pieces together, I noticed my riding start to seamlessly fall into place and my horse noticed as well; seeming happier, more relaxed and better understood than ever before. It was like I was speaking his language! I highly recommend Kyle. She has a broad understanding of the human and the horse, she’s an incredibly gifted teacher with a great love for her work, and most importantly, she has an empathetic heart that will guide both into a solid and enjoyable partnership. August 12, 2021


Karen McLain - High Springs, FL

My horse and I have experienced occasional misunderstandings that escalated to my being injured this past year. I had been looking for someone to work with us, and that incident made that search urgent. I knew I needed someone who could dial in with him, and show me how to do the same. Kyle is the perfect match. In addition to her ability to gain Roger’s trust by her consistency and fairness, she is a beautiful human being—honest, kind and full of positive energy. Roger and I have been completely fascinated with our lessons, and Kyle has shown me how to be in the moment and read Roger so much better. We’re going to miss our in-person sessions over the summer, but we’ll be looking forward to her return to Florida this fall. And it’s great to know that she’s always just a video session away.

May 14, 2021


Beverly Cruise - Alachua, FL

I’ve owned horses over 35 years and have developed habits. Some of these habits are helpful and some not so much. I met Kyle while trail riding in a local State Park and could tell right away she had a connection with her horse. I invited her over so we could work on me and to learn helpful skills to be better connected with my horses and unlearn habits that hold me back from this connection. Kyle patiently worked with me and helped me become more aware of my body language and that of my horses and what they were trying to tell me. I look forward to continuing to learn more and I’m grateful for Kyle’s passion to help me on my horsemanship journey. May 27, 2021


Rachel Rosenfeld - Wesley Chapel, FL

I am currently enrolled in the virtual lesson program and it is absolutely fantastic!! I wasn't sure what to think going into it but I'm so glad that I signed up!! During my first Skype session with Kyle my mind was blown by the amount of horse knowledge that she has!! I saw an immediate change in my horses behavior and in our relationship after just one conversation with her!! The way it's structured is actually more beneficial in my opinion than in person lessons. Kyle sends a video teaching the exercise you want to learn and then you practice with your horse and once you have it down you send a video back to her of you doing the exercise so she can review it and then she gives you written and time stamped notes as well as another Skype call to discuss what you can do better!! With the notes I can go back and rewatch my own video to really understand what I did wrong and improve!! I highly highly recommend her if you want to learn natural horsemanship!! She's worth every penny!! I promise you wont be disappointed!!

August 17,2020


Coreen - Greenwich, CT

I have been working with Kyle for a few months. She has shed light on so many things and I did not understand and things that I suspected, but could not prove. I have more confidence in my instincts and also understand the horse that I ride from a different perspective. I see horses differently than I did before and this is due to Kyle. Interestingly enough I sought out her help because I was dealing with more horse than my experience could reliably ride. Now the horse and I are doing well. This is not because I am so much of a better rider, but because he enjoys being with me and has patience with my mistakes. I have patience with his mistakes. It is a 2 way street. My background in riding includes 2 years of lessons in New Jersey, 6 years of training in the UK, then a big 12 year break. I restarted riding about 3 years ago. Thank you so much!  November, 2019


Dr. Hannah Carter - Gainesville, FL

"I've had horses all my life. I thought I knew how to best handle them and haven't had any issues over the years...until it came to having to ship my two horses from Florida to Maine. 


I have a saddlebred gelding, who is lovely, but who clearly had some issues when it came to trailering. The first (and only) time I had to move him was to get him to my house—it took intravenous drugs and literally a group of men to lift him onto the truck. Fast forward to this spring, he hadn't been off my property for 13 years, and now I’ve got to move him to Maine (1400 miles away). I thought to myself that we had a bond now, he trusted me and he couldn’t be as bad as he was when 13 years ago. Ha! You know how the story unfolds.  Friends came over with their trailer and we fought with him for 3.5 hours---every trick in the book, grain, ropes behind his rear end, pushing, pulling, fighting and nothing. We all left that session dejected and I knew I had a serious issue. So I did what everyone does and googled "horse won't load onto a trailer" and added my hometown. I am profoundly thankful that Kyle's name came up in the search.  I reached out to her that night and we had our first session scheduled two days later. It changed my philosophy on working with horses and my relationships with my horses.  

Kyle taught both my horse and myself so much in her sessions with us. After the second session, I realized that I had been discounting my horse's behavior for years--in actuality, he was extremely smart, eager to please and enjoyed being taught new things. After the 6th session, he walked onto the trailer himself, he wasn't led, pulled, pushed, bribed--he was sent into it and he willing went. The day that the horse trailer pulled into the yard to take them to Maine, he walked right onto it like he had been doing it all his life. And it would not have happened without Kyle.

I cannot recommend Kyle highly enough! I wish I hadn't moved away so I could continue working with her as I feel like I still have so much to learn! She's a wonderful teacher, horse woman and person!" May 13, 2019


Kelly Sigler Patterson - Former 3* Licensed Parelli Professional ♞ Currently an Instructor/Mentor in Linda Parelli’s new program: Happy Horse Happy Life

"Kyle has a passion for horsemanship and never ending self-improvement. I would highly recommend her as an instructor!" December 21, 2017


Becca Bernal - Alachua, FL

"We Move as One is one of the best experiences of my life because of working with Kyle! She explains natural horsemanship in a way that I can understand and utilize to ensure that she is teaching me to my strengths. Learning to engage with the horses and create that mutual respect and trust not only establishes a bond between you and the horse, but also with your own inner energy and control. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to bond with and train their horse while also making them feel safe! I have such deep appreciation for what she does and have loved learning from her." January 18, 2019


Micah Gallagher - University of Florida student

"Kyle is an amazing teacher, she has so much patience! She also uses different real world examples to help you further understand how to work with the horses and demonstrates how you as a person would respond to certain movement, energy, and pressure. Thoroughly enjoy my time with her! Would recommend to anyone who wants to further their relationship with their horses." February 12, 2018

Erin Smith Chiappetta - North Salem, NY

"Kyle is a very compassionate and talented Natural Horsemanship instructor. Her work is so inspirational to watch, especially when working with rescued horses. I love watching Kyle connect to these amazing animals! The trust and understanding she exudes while working with these once abused horses is magical! Kyle is very passionate and motivated to assist rider and horse so their relationship evolves to a place of boundedness." December 26, 2017


Sally Feuerberg - Newtown, CT

"I've attended two of Kyle's clinics and have found her be informative, engaging, and enlightening. Her perspective, as well as her methods and guidance, have given me fresh insight into all three of my horses" behaviors and personalities. With each one, I have strengthened our partnership, our relationship, and most of all enriched our time together." August 6, 2017

Janis Voltmer - Brewster, NY

"Kyle's respect for the true essence of the horse is evident in the love and gentle attention she gives to an innate vulnerability, after centuries of inbred submission to man. Natural horsemanship flies in the face of equestrian pseudo-science which limits the horse' intelligence and shackles the animal to lifetimes of forced labor for human consumption, both figuratively and literally. The natural approach assumes capacity, willingness, observation, trust and cooperation. Finally the tragic history of man's relationship with the creature is challenged, and the efficacy to bury it for good can be forged." .- September 10, 2017

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