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Now in Florida Year-Round 🌞

We move as One Horsemanship
trains horses and
teaches their human moms/dads
Relationship-Based Horsemanship
(Beyond Natural Horsemanship)

in the

Alachua/High Springs/ Gainesville/
Newberry/La Crosse FL area
and other towns outside of that vicinity.....

Kyle believes that horse training and teaching the horse's human family should be done at the horse's home/farm as it provides the most conducive learning environment for not only the horse, but for the  horse's human mom/dad as well.


So, to accomplish that core belief, Kyle travels up to an hour from her farm in every direction. There is no travel charge up to one-half hour away; beyond the half-hour there is a prorated travel charge based on Kyle's hourly rate.

To learn more about how

We move as One Horsemanship

can help you and your horse

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Alachua, FL Horseback Riding

Alachua and the surrounding towns of High Springs, FL; Newberry, FL; La Crosse, FL; and Gainesville, FL are beautiful areas loaded with horse lovers in all different realms of horsemanship including both English and Western riding disciplines; natural horsemanship; clicker training practices; as well as liberty horse training.

Kyle lives at her Alachua, FL farm and trains horses and teaches people natural horsemanship and beyond throughout this very special "horsey' area. As always, We move as One Horsemanship believes matter the horse nor the situation, the goal should be to help the human BETTER UNDERSTAND how each particular horse thinks, feels emotionally, moves with their body, interprets the human, as well as behaves and reacts….in any given moment.

If your farm is not in the Alachua, High Springs, Newberry or Gainesville, Florida area, not to worry.

We move as One Horsemanship travels up to an hour away

to come to your farm.


To the North

When heading up to Columbia county, Kyle sometimes teaches students in the Lake City, FL and Fort White, FL area. There, clients are discovering how to use body language, imagery, and emotional energy vibrations to effectively communicate with their horses. Near Fort White, FL, is Branford, FL where We move as One Horsemanship students  learn to communicate on the ground with their horses as well as in-the-saddle while also learning how to manage their  breathing so it stays slow and steady.


To the South

The beautiful landscape of North Central Florida offers so much for people who love horses.   In towns like Micanopy, FL and Williston, FL, Kyle teaches students how to establish two-way communication with their horses so that each can better understand each other to solve potential issues that may be having with each other. Clients in Archer, FL and Bronson, FL have also developed better relationships with their horses via

We move as One

relationship-based horsemanship practices and philosophies.


To the West 

Although the Alachua area boasts horses in every direction,

We move as One Horsemanship also services other "horsey" towns a bit further west. We move as One students in towns like Bell, FL; Chiefland, FL; and  Trenton, FL are learning to develop mindsets beyond Natural Horsemanship whereby the relationship they build with their horse comes first when solving issues and building groundwork, liberty, and in-the-saddle/riding skills.

To the East

Horses and their human moms/dads are benefitting from embracing newer ideas that are Beyond Natural Horsemanship in areas like La Crosse, FL; Brooker, FL; and Starke, FL.  Students of We move as One Horsemanship in other areas like Keystone Heights, FL are finding  that humans can find quieter communication other than physical pressure and release with their horses. In towns like these, students are discovering more  success with problems by accepting  the horse as a partner in the relationship.

Florida Client Horses.png

In each of these Florida towns in and areas surrounding the
Alachua, FL/Gainesville, FL/High Springs, FL/Newberry, FL areas, Kyle has been privileged to train many horses with various breedings and backgrounds: breed specific horses, rescued horses; and feral horses/wild Mustangs ... be it full-sized horses, ponies, minis, stallions, geldings, and
of course mares.
This all encompassing "horsey" vicinity has offered Kyle a wide breadth of horse breeds to train including,  Saddlebreds, Wild Mustangs, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Gypsy Vanners, Arabians, and more. Additionally, 

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