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We move as One.



is now available year-round in and around the Alachua, FL area. We move as One's trainer, Kyle drives daily to farms to help people develop better relationships with their horses in towns all over the Gainesville, FL vicinity including High Springs, FL; Newberry, FL and LaCrosse, FL. Horses and humans are also bettering their relations in many of Gainesville, Florida's adjacent counties since We move as One Horsemanship also travels to towns to the north, south, east, and west of Gainesville....areas such as Williston, FL; Archer, FL; Brooke, FL; Keystone Heights, FL; and more.

Kyle will be flying up regularly to her previous home base area in the  New York/ Connecticut area: late springs, summers, and early autumns every year. Kyle enjoys and teaches humans and trains horses in the surrounding areas of North Salem, NY and Ridgefield, CT traveling in all directions (up to an hour away) to towns like Bedford, NY; LaGrangeville, NY: Redding, CT; Stamford, CT; etc.

To be aware of when trips are being planned up to the NY/CT area, sign up for the We move as One newsletter which will have all the latest news
and travel horsemanship tips😊
You can sign up HERE*.
*HOWEVER, If you want to be sure to be contacted and on the schedule when NY/CT trips are planned, be sure to
call/text/email to express your interest and have at least one Virtual Lesson ahead of time as preliminary concepts are human focused and initially more effective without your horse being present.

In the Alachua/Gainesville, FLORIDA Year-Round

BUT, flying up to New York/Connecticut for "pre-scheduled" lessons 

from late spring 2024 to fall 2024

Call/Text: 845-598-0069 or Email

to schedule your lessons 

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