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We move as One Horsemanship's trainer, Kyle trains and teaches horses and their human moms/dads
Relationship-Based Horsemanship
Beyond Natural Horsemanship)
in and around the Alachua/
High Springs/Gainesville/Newberry area
during the winter months ...generally from
early November through late May.

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can help you and your horse

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The Alachua Florida farm of Kyle Van Splinter, the owner/trainer of We move as One Horsemanship is surrounded in every direction by horse farms and is also about 45 minutes northwest of the world famous Ocala World Equestrian Center.

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Retirement Horse Farm in Alachua, FL
Alachua, FL Horseback Riding

Alachua and the surrounding towns are beautiful areas loaded with horse lovers in all different realms of horsemanship including both English and Western riding disciplines; natural horsemanship and clicker training practices; as well as liberty work.


Alachua is the home to the beautiful Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek Farm as well as some fantastic riding at Kyle's personally favorite trail riding spot: San Felasco Hammock Preserve with marked trails covering over 15 miles plus many additional unmarked trails

Payne's prairie horses

We move as One has been the horse trainer for horse families and their equine partners in many nearby towns such as Gainesville, FL (where the University of Florida resides) with gorgeous horseback riding trails very close by: Payne's Prairie and Barr Hammock Preserve in Micanopy, FL

Fun fact: there are feral horses and bison in Payne's Prairie.

High Springs, FL Horseback Riding

High Springs, FL within We move as One Horsemanship's service area, not only boasts O'Leno State Park, but also River Rise Preserve State Park where there's two large loops of horseback riding trails totaling 35 miles.

Fun fact: the Sante Fe River travels underground for three miles and surfaces at the park,

High Springs, FL Horse Riding Trail Map River Rise

Another "horsey" town where Kyle has worked with horses and their human families is Newberry, FL which features  The Alachua County Agriculture and Equestrian Center renovated in 2019 and now features a clubhouse, a 250’ x 150’ indoor arena, five separate barns with stalls, outdoor warm-up rings,

as well as large event fields.

Florida Client Horses.png

In each of these Florida towns in and around the
Alachua/Gainesville/High Springs/Newberry area in Florida, Kyle has been privileged to work with many horses with various breedings and backgrounds: breed specific horses, rescued horses; and feral horses/wild Mustangs ... be it full-sized horses, ponies, minis, stallions, geldings, and
of course mares.
This all encompassing "horsey" vicinity has offered Kyle a wide breadth of horse breeds to train including,  Saddlebreds, Wild Mustangs, Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Gypsy Vanners, Arabians, and more. Additionally, We move as One travels to and trains horses in other more "country/rural" towns nearby such as:
La Crosse, FL Bronson, FL Williston, FL, Branford, FL
and more.

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