We move as One.


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Do YOU dream about discovering a magical connection with your horse?

2022 - A few years ago, We move as One moved from simply the teaching of natural horsemanship; to where appropriate, incorporating positive reinforcement strategies into the training.


If you read My Story you'll see that over time, my horses taught me that:

Every successful partnership

begins with


    "In my opinion, to do this successfully: the focus should be for both parties (horse and human) in the relationship to honor each other; have boundaries with each other; and always start communication (or a conversation) with each other as softly and subtly as possible.....thereby developing mutual trust and cooperation. Mutual trust and cooperation will create a space whereby both the human and the horse feel comfortable and safe noticing and paying attention to each other. This mindset prioritizes the use of imagery, energy, focus (attention), intention, and body language

We move as One's primary emphasis and mindset is on the horse/human partnership which in recent years has been termed: relationship-based horsemanship.

to communicate to the horse ... while also placing the responsibility on the human to pay attention to how the horse feels and to work towards interpreting and honoring the horse's subtlest body language.

     I am so excited to adapt and grow in horsemanship ideologies to teach people how to have a better relationship with their specific horse and situation. This journey is guiding me to even more breakthrough ideas gleaned from various world renowned leaders in horsemanship whose concepts and theories are focused on 'helping'....rather than 'making' or "fixing" to facilitate humans successfully partnering with their horses

-Kyle      (We move as One's trainer)

Image by Steve Adams

Why choose to improve your horsemanship with

We move as One 


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We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP

Why the name:

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When horses move together they almost appear to be one living being.  That's the ideal that I have for myself with my horses; I try to help my students strive for the same with their horses.  The intention is to become so connected with your energy and intention that you and your horse move together as if you are one. Moving in harmony as a herd of two is the vision whether connected by a lunge line, at liberty or while riding together.

If you have:
the desire, the passion, and an open mind,
I promise you that

YOU too can find your
own personal vision of
a magical horse/human connection.