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Hi horse lovers!

 My name is Kyle Van Splinter.

Here's where to learn all about the philosophies of my  We move as One   HORSEMANSHIP   training to determine  if  it's  right for you and your horse. Additionally, you can take a look at

We move as One's Facebook  and YouTube pages here:   


Hopefully when  you look through the pages of this website,  you'll make the decision to choose me as the trainer  to help you with your horse/human connection.

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Do YOU dream about discovering a

magical connection with your horse?

We move as One has recently broadened its horizons on communicating and connecting with horses. Now beyond natural horsemanship, We move as One is also incorporating positive reinforcement strategies when applicable. In fact, even the name has changed from We move as One Natural Horsemanship to simply

We move as One HORSEMANSHIP. "I'm very excited and inspired to introduce these concepts to humans and their horses; I'm finding great success with my horses as well as with my current clients and their horses. Horses have more drive to try; they concretely know when they're on the right track which increases motivation and additionally reduces stress. Positive reinforcement is so exciting because it brings even more clarity to communication. Don't worry, the natural horsemanship mindset and techniques are not being left behind as there are many situations where that mode of behavior modification offers clearer and better communication and trust results." -Kyle

If you read My Story you'll see that over time, my horses taught me that:

Every successful partnership

begins with


Image by Steve Adams

Why choose to improve your horsemanship with




(Kyle Van Splinter)

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We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP

Why the name:



When horses move together they almost appear to be one living being.  That's the ideal that I have for myself with my horses; I try to help my students strive for the same with their horses.  The intention is to become so connected with your energy and intention that you and your horse move together as if you are one. Moving in harmony as a herd of two is the vision whether connected by a lunge line, at liberty or while riding together.

If you have:

the desire, the passion, and an open mind, I promise you that

YOU too can find your

own personal vision of

a magical horse/human connection. 

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email: vans@westnet.com

call or text  (845) 598-0069

We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP lessons available WORLDWIDE via the Virtual Online Private Lesson program.

We move as One. IN-PERSON lessons available in:

  • New York: Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess Counties, plus certain towns in Orange & Rockland Counties

  • Connecticut: Fairfield, Litchfield, plus certain towns in Hartford & New Haven Counties

  • Florida: Alachua County, Marion, Levy, Gilchrist, Suwannee, Lafayette, Columbia, Bradford, Union, Clay, & Putnam Counties