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We move as One.


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Do YOU dream about discovering a magical connection with your horse?

We move as One's horse training philosophy is about bettering the horse-human partnership so that the relationship is fulfilling:

for BOTH horse and human.


Whether it be rescued horses of any breed including Thoroughbreds; Quarter Horses; American Mustangs & other feral horses....... or any horse in a new home/setting, the goal is to help horses adapt to a whole new situation with their new human mom or dad.


PLUS We move as One teaches other sport horses and their humans in (English or Western riding disciplines) find a better connection for improved performance as well as solve problems that the human may be experiencing.


No matter the horse nor the situation, the goal is to help the human better understand how each particular horse thinks, feels emotionally, moves with their body, interprets the human, as well as behaves and reacts….in any given moment.


If you read My Story you'll see that over time, my horses taught me that:

Every successful partnership

begins with


The mindset is to always use the least pressure possible in body language, energy vibrations, imagery, and motion to bring about communication that makes sense to the horse.

We move as One offers private lessons, semi-private lessons, and virtual lessons,

Periodically clinics are given on various horsemanship topics including liberty horse training, natural horsemanship and other training methodologies/mindsets.


Problems that humans encounter with their horse generally involves

a lack of trust & misunderstandings in communication and/or previous trauma

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Horse has difficulties with Trailer Loading

Trailer Loading challenges can present because of past trauma your horse had experienced in and around the trailer and/or skepticism of enclosed spaces. We move as One Horsemanship can help you with trailer loading problems. For more on trailer loading, c HERE

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Horse that is Herd Bound or Buddy Sour

A horse that is Herd Bound or Buddy Sour doesn't feel safe when left alone without the herd and/or possibly riding away from the herd with his/her human.

We move as One Horsemanship can help you help your horse to feel more safe and confident when with you as well as when left alone (when you ride off) by developing better self confidence and  self-regulating capabilities. To learn more about Herd Bound and Buddy Sour horses, check out. We move as One's bog articles HERE and HERE.

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Horse that Bites

A horse that bites is generally not "trying" to hurt you but of course a human can get hurt ....and so it is a behavior that we can help the horse change. FYI: Hitting back IS NOT THE ANSWER! fact, it quite often causes the behavior to get worse.

The horse is biting for various communication misunderstandings and/or previous trauma with humans.

We move as One Horsemanship can help find your horse interrupt and change the biting pattern that she/he has with you. 

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When can
We move as One 
help you?

To learn more, scroll through the slides using the arrows on the sides

We move as One. HORSEMANSHIP

Why the name:

We move as One VISION
Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.32.27 AM_edi

When horses move together they almost appear to be one living being.  That's the ideal that I have for myself with my horses; I try to help my students strive for the same with their horses.  The intention is to become so connected with your energythoughts, and intention that you and your horse move together as if you are one living being. Moving in harmony as a herd of two is the vision whether connected by a lunge line, at liberty or while riding together.

If you have:
the desire, the passion, and an open mind,
I promise you that

YOU too can find your
own personal vision of
a magical horse/human connection. 

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